Lyrical Abstraction

With the Lyrical Abstraction work, with its roots in fractals, I am focusing on the energy and movement across the canvas with absolute freedom, abandoning my former disciplines. This includes no longer using brushes! I am working with specially designed instruments and playing with mixed media to create additional surface texture which adds another level of surprises. I’m on a voyage of discovery and invite the viewer to come along for the ride.

Paintings are listed from left to right

Row 1
Splash, 60x60 inches, 2022 (sold 10/22)
Ocean's 11, 36x32 inches, 2022
Ocean's 12, 36x32 inches, 2022
Splish Splash, 60x60 inches, 2022

Row 2
Dolphin Olympics, 52x46 inches, 2022
Exhilaration, 60x48 inches, 2022
Splash (alternate view), 60x60 inches, 2022
Ocean Depths, 52x46 inches, 2022

Row 3
Red Sea, 40x34 inches, 2022
Dolphin's Cove, 36x36 inches, 2022
Dolphins at Play, 36x36 inches, 2022
While Caps, 40x34 inches, 2022

Row 4
Ocean Spray 2, 24x24 inches, 2022
Ocean Spray 3, 24x24 inches, 2022
Ocean Spray 4, 24x24 inches, 2022
Desert Falls, 40x40 inches, 2022

All paintings are mixed media on canvas